Feb 19

Deck Checklist: How to Spot Signs of Trouble

With Spring right around the corner, it’s time to begin dusting off your grill and preparing your deck for all your summer soirees and warm-weather gatherings. But it’s no secret that your deck takes a beating during the colder months. From ice to snow to year-round sun exposure, your deck may be hiding unwanted or dangerous problems. So, taking the time to conduct an annual inspection to ensure your deck is safe and secure […]

by bosdigital
Feb 18

Spring Home Repair Checklist

It may feel like winter will never end, but with the calendar inching closer to warmer days, getting a head start on spring cleaning is never a bad idea. For many homeowners, the term spring cleaning only applies to the inside of the home, but the exterior takes a severe beating during the winter months. From windows to gutters, debris and ice can find its way into these spaces and leave you with unwanted […]

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Jan 16
Debunking Attic Ventilation Myths: 4 Misconceptions | Storm Guard Roofing & Construction Durham North Carolina

Debunking Attic Ventilation Myths: 4 Misconceptions

Knowing what qualifies as good attic ventilation is not common knowledge, but without it your home can see a lack of proper air circulation. And without proper circulation, moisture can build up causing severe damage to the structure of your home. So, to understand if your home could benefit from more or less attic ventilation, let’s take a closer look at a few common misconceptions. 1) More attic ventilation is always good Just like […]

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Jan 16
Home Safety Checklist: 10 Ways to Minimize the Risk of Your Home | Storm Guard Roofing & Construction Durham North Carolina

Home Safety Checklist: 10 Ways to Minimize the Risk of Your Home

Safety is important. From fastening your seatbelt when you get in your car, to TSA screening your luggage at the airport, making sure that you’re safe wherever you go is crucial. But when was the last time you thought about the safety of your home? It’s the place you lay your head at night and where countless memories are made. So, what should you be doing to keep your house secure? We’ve got a […]

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Feb 12

Check Out These Six Easy Home Repair Jobs to Beat Those Winter Blues

There’s just no denying that this post-holiday, frigid, and dismal period during the first quarter of the year is a drag. The lack of natural sunlight can cause a condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and result in depression, the weather is often unrelenting, and the news is pretty dreary in general. One of the best ways to clear away the winter blues is to get busy, and there’s no better way than to choose a few moderate home repair jobs and […]

by Storm Guard