5 Ways To Stay Organized In A Small Space

Regardless of the size of your home, staying organized can be a challenge. The hustle and bustle of everyday life can leave you with piles of mail, a multitude of cluttered drawers and a closet that is in complete disarray. And for those of you who live in smaller spaces, things can become more chaotic even faster. So, we’ve rounded up five simple ways you can organize your small space today and help you get back on track to a more clutter-free and peaceful living space. 

1.Purge what you no longer need

The problem often is not that your space is too small, but it’s that you’re trying to fit too much stuff into that space. It’s best to take an inventory of all your items and decide what is truly necessary and what can go. The truth is you probably don’t need 30 sweatshirts or dozens of drinking glasses. So, box up what can go and be sure to donate any items you’ve decided you no longer need!

2. Create zones

When it comes to small spaces, a room has to serve multiple purposes. For example, a dorm room needs to be a kitchen, office, living room and bedroom, so spacing it out is crucial. If you want to create a reading corner, wedge a small bookshelf between two existing pieces of furniture to create a cozy corner. Or if you’re looking to create a small kitchen or coffee area, try adding a rolling cart to your space with all your ingredients and cooking appliances to enhance the room’s functionality and creates specific “zones.”

3. Leave the floor open

Keeping your floor empty and clear of any items that do not need to be there will make your small space feel more open and organized. While furniture and storage units need to make home on your floor, consolidate any items that don’t and store them in a more resourceful place.

4.Focus on dual-storage space  

Using every inch of space you have is key when working with a small room, so look around at your current storage spaces you’re under utilizing and see where you could improve. If you have shelves you’re currently displaying photos on, consider using that space to store books on and hang the photos on the wall or display on a coffee table. Or try utilizing storage on the back of doors with a hanging system to store miscellaneous items.

5. Utilize the walls 

To free up closet or floor space, consider hanging your favorite items on the wall. Try displaying your hat or jewelry collection in your bedroom, or purchase an inexpensive shoe hanging system to keep your floor open for more space. 

Living in a small space can seem like a challenge at times, but truthfully with a few good tricks and a solid organizational plan you can make the most of your space!