5 Tips for Making Your Home Energy Efficient

With the warmer months on the horizon, getting your home prepared to beat the heat and not break the bank while doing so, is something we all can agree is a good idea. But if you’re not sure how to conserve energy and make your home run more efficiently, we’ve got five easy ways to help you get started.

1. Install skylights

Natural light is a great way to brighten up your home. By installing skylights, you’ll lose the need to turn on multiple lights and you can stream in sunshine all day… or see the stars at night.

2. Add a fan

We all crank up the air conditioning in the summer months, but that can get expensive, fast. Installing a few fans throughout your home can increase air circulation and help cut down on electric costs. And with new designs always emerging, finding the right fan for your room can be a fun and creative process.

3. Paint rooms lighter

Painting a space a lighter color not only brightens the room, but reflects light much better than darker colors. This in turn means you can keep less lights on in your room and reduce energy.

4. Wash clothes on a cold setting

Hot water can be expensive and when it comes to washing your clothes, it isn’t always necessary. Use the cold setting on your washer with cold-water detergent to achieve the same clean as hot water and reduce your energy bill and hot water bill.

5. Switch out your oven

Cooking uses an excessive amount of energy and with technology evolving, finding appliances that are efficient and eco-friendly is easier than ever. Convection ovens use  approximately 20 percent less energy than conventional ovens, and microwaves consume on average 80 percent less energy than convection ovens as well.

So, take the initiative and give your home an energy efficient overhaul today! If you have any questions or need a second opinion, give us a call today at (919) 379-5770. We’re happy to help!