February, 2019

Feb 19

Deck Checklist: How to Spot Signs of Trouble

With Spring right around the corner, it’s time to begin dusting off your grill and preparing your deck for all your summer soirees and warm-weather gatherings. But it’s no secret that your deck takes a beating during the colder months. From ice to snow to year-round sun exposure, your deck may be hiding unwanted or dangerous problems. So, taking the time to conduct an annual inspection to ensure your deck is safe and secure […]

by Storm Guard
Feb 18

Spring Home Repair Checklist

It may feel like winter will never end, but with the calendar inching closer to warmer days, getting a head start on spring cleaning is never a bad idea. For many homeowners, the term spring cleaning only applies to the inside of the home, but the exterior takes a severe beating during the winter months. From windows to gutters, debris and ice can find its way into these spaces and leave you with unwanted […]

by Storm Guard